“Whenever you sing a song, the first note you sing comes out of silence. And the last note, when you finish the song, falls way back into silence again. And they say: that no matter how many tunes you play, no matter how many sounds you sing, there is no cure for silence.”                                                            

From the movie ‘Silence’ by Pat Collins

Wachen (2016) is an installation for one person at the time: One wakes at the bedside of a recently deceased. One wakes at the bed of a sick person. One wakes at the bed of a child…a special kind of presence arises. A tension between memory and being in the moment, absence and presence, closeness and loneliness. I must listen. There’s nothing left to do. So much movement in silence.

Credits: Peter Memmer (Sound), Ole Thomas (Camera), Cecilia Molano (Drawing), Judith Memmer (Costume)

Funding by: Berliner Senat, Einstiegsförderung

Duration: 50 min.
Video projection. 7-Channel Audio Installation
A performance for 1 person