La Cena

La Cena


‘Let’s remind on the universal importance of food: the process of eating is reproduced everyday several times; food is the foundation of every economy and a central pawn in political strategies of states and households. One could say, food is life, and thus life can be studied through food. Food marks social differences, food sharing creates solidarity, and food-scarcity damages human communities. Bodily conditions and images, such as being fat or thin, are deeply embedded in gender roles and cultural categories, and symbolize how people define themselves differently through food and appetite’

Food and Culture: A Reader by C. Counihan & P. Esterik

La Cena (2011) is a dinner performance, which explores various relationships throughout the course of a meal. The relationship between host and guests, guests and guests, social codes and individual needs. It offers a sensual and palative journey along ingestion, digestion, absorbtion and defecation via excursions to video, text and dance.

Let’s assume there is a strong connection between food and people, there is a strong connection between food and love, both about desire and need. And in order to get fulfilled one needs to expose, to share something intimate with the other. Eating is all about transformation and about letting things enter, affect and leave you. Are you allowing it to enter? Can you receive the gift? Can you digest it? Can you let things go? And what happens in that precise moment of fragility, when opening to the outside?