Choose my own adventure

Choose my own adventure


Choose my own adventure (2010) deals with contacts, meeting processes and ideas of intimacy on the internet and in performance. By adopting the codes and language of Eroticism, SM and Webcam chat sites, it attempts by a context shift, to bring reactions, thoughts and feelings into experience.

The question of reciprocity has a central role. Who dominates? Who feels pleasure? Who is available and who authorizes?

The project has two sides: the web and the real site. In the website project, users are invited to design tasks and experience proposals for a character, which they can write down at the blog during a week. Every day an idea is chosen and the video produced and posted on the web the following day.

In the live encounters, each guest has the possibility to create a scene and to experience it in the form of a 1:1 meeting with the performer. Before each guest enters the room they will have to fill out a contract sheet in which they have to specify their wishes concerning lightening, music, clothes and ways of greeting. By entering the room the guest will encounter a video and bit by bit then witness the set up of his or her personal scene. With a drink, both guest and performer then negotiate the further proceeder of the game. Cards are available to be played with. The guest decides how far to go.