Almost a no body

Almost a no body

‘All creatures practise in their own way the art of being in the world and at the same time not.’
Peter Sloterdijk

Almost a no body (2014) is a performance installation for 16 audience members. Costumes are provided for the audience before entering the installation. The work develops through video projections, sound, text and the live presence of two performers, all within a circular performing space. It provides a immersive audiovisual experience, bringing together cinematic experience with the liveness of performance. Almost a no body works with ideas of the self in relation to the notion of immersion, spanning its narration along darkness, water, light, death, masochism, absorption and ideas of stillness.

Almost a no body was kindly funded from the Inter-University of Dance Berlin. Credits: Peter Memmer (Sound), Christina Amate Garcia (Camera), Judith Memmer (Costume)

Duration: 49 min.
3-screen video projection. 4-Channel Audio Installation
A performance for 16 people

Single video and audio track of Almost a no body